Unsure About How to Sell Old Gold Jewelry? Vancouver Gold has the Answer

how to sell old gold jewelryIf you are curious about how to sell old gold jewelry in Vancouver, speak to our expert gold dealers today. With locations in Richmond, Surrey, Vancouver and North Vancouver, we are committed to providing the best service in British Colombia. Therefore, when you have old jewelry lying around and are in search of extra cash, bring in your jewelry today.

Pawn Shop and Jewelry Store vs Vancouver Gold

There are dozens of pawn shops and jewelry stores in Vancouver that advertise a quick settlement for your jewelry. However, these shops are notorious for undervaluing your gold. To receive fair market prices, it is crucial that you go to a reputable jewelry buyer. Therefore, if you are curious about how to sell old gold jewelry, visit Vancouver Gold. In contrast, our teams of expert jewelry dealers conduct an in-depth material evaluation of your jewelry, based on its precious-metal content. This process consists of measuring your jewelry against known karats, measuring its weight, physical condition and rarity to provide you with honest and accurate estimates - completely free of charge every time!

Visit Vancouver Gold Today

At Vancouver Gold, our prices are based on the current gold price and can change day-to-day. However, because of the steady increase in gold market prices, now is the perfect to cash out on your old jewelry. Therefore, when you are wondering about how to sell old gold jewelry, look no further than our expert teams of gold buyers. As an accredited business by the Better Business Bureau, we guarantee the most competitive prices and a customer-first approach. It's time to give us a call or visit us in store. Let's get started today.