Wish you sold at last weeks prices? At Vancouver Gold, even if gold prices go down, we lock in the highest price on Jewellery from the past three days.


lock in gold prices

With everything we do at Vancouver Gold, we try to take the stress and anxiety out of selling your gold. For years we have focused on up-front pricing, friendly and honest service and testing and weighing all items in front of our customers. Today we are pleased to announce a new initiative to make selling gold easier.

All gold jewellery purchases made at any of our four Lower Mainland locations will automatically be paid out at the highest price from the past three business days. No more regrets about missing out on yesterday’s high prices!

How can we afford this? Years ago when we started as a company, we decided not to bet on gold prices going up forever, instead we hedged our inventory. We did this by basically pre-selling (short selling) gold at a more constant rate to reduce the effects that the price going up or down would have on our ability to offer the highest-possible payouts on gold. Think of it as locking in the interest rate on your mortgage. Now, with gold prices on a steady decline, we are able to pass the benefits along to our customers.

Offer Details:

  • This offer is valid for gold jewellery only. 
  • Cannot be combined with any other offer.
  • Vancouver Gold will base your payout on the highest closing price from the past 3 business days up to a maximum possible bonus of $100/oz from the current spot price of gold. (eg: if the highest spot price from the past three days was $1,450/oz and the current spot price is $1,375/oz our payout will be offered based on the higher price, if the spot price fell below $1,350/oz we would add $100 and pay out based on that price).
  • Click Here for a detailed example of a purchase with the locked-in price promotion.

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