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Buy and Sell Your Bullion, Coins and Jewelry in Vancouver

Deciding to buy and sell in Vancouver can be a difficult decision. Although it can be hard to part with precious family heirlooms, jewelry and bullion, the steady increase in the price of gold and silver  in recent years has made it the perfect time to buy and sell in Vancouver.

There are dozens of jewelry stores and pawn shops in Vancouver which advertise a quick and easy settlement. However, these shops are notorious for undervaluing your precious metals in order to give you the least amount of money possible. In order to receive fair market prices for your valuables, it is crucial that you turn to a reputable jewelry buyer. At Vancouver Gold, our experienced team of professionals will guide you through the entire buying or selling process to help you understand the true value of your item. Our process is simple. We analyze artistic value, rarity, overall condition and weight to determine its true market value. With everything done right in front of you, you can feel confident that everything will done right!

When you buy and sell in Vancouver, you will feel comfortable with the service and market price you are offered. At Vancouver Gold, we promise custom testing and honest estimates for your gold and silver jewelry or bullion.