Expert Gold and Bullion Appraisers in Vancouver

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Are you unsure of the value of your precious metal jewelry or bullion? Interested in learning more? When in doubt, our skilled jewelry appraisers in Vancouver are available at any one of our Vancouver Gold locations. Simply bring in your jewelry and gold or silver bullion and we'll provide you with honest answers.

In order for you to receive fair rates for your precious metals, it is crucial that you are aware of their true value. Jewelry stores aim to pay the least amount possible for your items and can also charge you a fee to perform the appraisal. This appraisal charge can range anywhere between $50-$100 for a single appraisal! This means less money in your pocket and more in theirs. Our appraisers in Vancouver don’t believe in this practice. At Vancouver Gold, we do it for free. We conduct a material evaluation based on your items precious metal content, and the value of any diamonds. Upon completion, you will have an honest and fair estimate for your items.

When visiting our appraisers in Vancouver, there is never the obligation to sell. Vancouver Bullion is a safe and secure investment that can greatly benefit you in coming years. We pride ourselves on our customer-first approach and will work with you to determine the accurate price of your bullion. Visit us today to receive the payment you deserve.