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What is Karat?

Karat is a unit that gold dealers, jewelry stores and pawn shops use to describe the gold purity in an item. Pure, 100% gold has a purity level of 24k, which means that all 24 parts are pure gold. Because of their distinctive bright yellow colour, and malleable nature, it is easy to identify 24k gold items. Consequently, gold items with a purity level of less than 24k are alloys. Items with a purity of less than 24k have been mixed with metals like silver, zinc, copper or platinum to alter the colour and add strength.

Consequently, 22k gold purity means the item consists of 22 parts pure gold while the others are another metal. For this reason, this gold is commonly used in plain gold jewelry and bullion as it retains 24k gold's distinctive physical appearance and wealth storage. Therefore when you invest in 22k gold purity items, it is crucial that you work with honest, trustworthy and experienced professionals. Don't waste your time with pawn shops and jewelry stores. It's time to bring your 22k gold to industry professionals at Vancouver Gold today. We promise that you will receive the highest payout for your gold.

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