Ever wonder why a tiny little bit of gold has so much value? You’re not alone! The truth is that gold is a fascinating material, with some very unique properties. The reason it is so valuable, however, has more to do with its scarcity. In fact, if all the gold known to exist in the world were all melted together, Warren Buffet famously noted that all this gold would comfortably fit inside the infield of a baseball diamond.

Most gold, of course, isn’t pure. It is melted and alloyed together with many different materials to make it harder, appear different colors, and be less costly. Because of its unique characteristics, gold does have many different uses. It is very dense, meaning that a large quantity of gold can fit into a relatively small space, gold is highly malleable, is easy to work with and is completely inert (meaning that it won’t react with any acids or bacteria in your mouth).

Gold doesn’t corrode, which means that it basically stays in the same state forever (think of the Egyptian tombs that were unearthed full of perfectly preserved gold).